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Navigating Sociopolitical Stress in Informal Mentorships: Insights for Educators and Youth Workers

Reference: Davis, A.L., Yazdani, N., Kornbluh, M., & McQuillin, S.D. (2023). Exploring the impact of natural mentors on sociopolitical stress: Implications for educators and youth workers. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice.  Summarized By: Ariel Ervin About the Study: College students faced unprecedented challenges during the fall of 2020 due to the rapid spread of […]

It’s election season: Should mentors talk politics with their mentees?

Linus: “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” Do you think it is appropriate for mentors and mentees to discuss politics? With recent conventions and the open tensions of a particularly acrimonious U.S. election, politics are everywhere. How should a mentor approach conversations about politics […]

The Future of Evidence-based Policy

By Vivian Tseng First published on the WT Grant blog As a lifelong science geek, I’ve always thought research was fascinating, but I never thought it would inspire much political interest. Current events suggest that I may have been wrong. Research evidence is increasingly at the center of political and policy debates, and much of the […]

You should sometimes talk politics and religion: Here’s why

by Jean Rhodes I was presenting findings from my research on Hurricane Katrina to a group of college students when something very interesting happened. Many of the students were first generation Haitian immigrants, others the privileged sons and daughters of Boston’s elite. Still other were first generation college students from Southie and Dorchester, mixed income neighborhoods near […]

Professor Connie Flanagan: Discussing politics contributes to positive youth development.

Editor’s note: We are delighted to have a guest commentary Professor Connie Flanagan. Professor Flannagan of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She is the author of the excellent new book, Teenage Citizens: The Political Theories of the Young (Harvard University Press).We asked her whether mentors and mentees should ever discuss politics.  It is very appropriate for mentors […]

Sandra LaFleur: Talking politics can help stretch minds.

Sandra Louk LaFleur is Associate Vice President, Research, Evaluation, & Innovation for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America You make very salient points about the importance of engaging our youth, especially our young adults, around topics that could easily be considered as “too touchy” for most. What we need to do is step forward and help […]

Should mentors discuss politics with mentees? Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring

Should mentors talk politics with their mentees

by Jean Rhodes, Ph.D. This week, the Forum delves into whether or not a mentor and youth should discuss politics. Discussing politics, religion, and world events can be difficult, especially when there are competing ideas about what is best for our country – ideas that are rooted in differing values, culture, and worldview. A good […]