These tools help coach college youth aged out of foster care to develop relationships

By Yvonne Unrau, Youth Today

What does it take to engage students who age out of foster care into supportive relationships on the college campus? It helps to understand that relationships formed with supportive adults, such as caseworkers, foster parents, … Read the rest

Complicated lives, complicated excuses

by Jean Rhodes

I maintain an email file of the student excuses I’ve received in my 20 years as a professor at UMass Boston. Some are predictable for college students, “I spilled coke on my computer and it turned off … Read the rest

PBS NewsHour: Why first-generation students need mentors who get them


PBS’ September 20, 2016, podcast of their NewsHour series tackled the importance of mentors to first-generation college students. To access the podcast, click here. You can find the transcript of the essay from novelist Jennine Capo Crucet below, as Read the rest

It’s not what you know….: The case for a networked approach to mentoring

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by Jean Rhodes

According to a recent Gallup poll  successful college students have one important thing in common–they all had one or more teachers who were mentors who took an interest … Read the rest

Shine a light on it: Talking about class differences with first-gen students helps them succeed

lighthouse-581082_1280By Clifton B. Parker, Stanford

Talking about class differences can help close the collegiate achievement gap between first- and continuing-generation students, according to Stanford research.

Research has shown that first-generation college students – those who do not have a parent … Read the rest

What first-gen college students want and how mentors can help provide it

trees-17331_1280Written by Emily Deruy, The Atlantic

As policymakers and educators debate how to help high-schoolers from all backgrounds get to and through college, young people’s ideas about the support they need to succeed are sometimes left out of the discussion. … Read the rest

Guiding a first generation to college: Where do mentors fit in?

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.31.46 AMBy Tina Rosenberg, New York Times


In the first of two articles addressing the transition of first-generation college students from high school graduation to higher education, New York Times writer Tina Rosenberg highlights some of the issues facing low-income … Read the rest

Quality Mentoring Connections Are Linked to Improved Student Transition to College

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 2.45.20 PM

Lenz, S. (2014). Mediating effects of relationships with mentors on college adjustment. Journal of College Counseling.

Summarized by Jessica Cunningham, B.A., Research Associate, Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring


It is a known, albeit unfortunate, fact that a percentage of … Read the rest

At UC San Diego, retired professors are mentoring first-generation college students

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.49.50 PMBy Melvin H Green, The Conversation

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My mother cried when I told her I was changing my major from engineering to chemistry. Her fear was that I would never earn a living as a chemist.

When Read the rest

Mentors: The Real Disruptive Innovation in Education


by Brandon Busteed

Story Highlights

  • Feeling supported in college helps grads in their careers
  • Technology is significant, but human fundamentals matter too
  • Effective mentoring is critical to a graduate’s success

Students Need Support — and Experiential and Deep Learning

Gallup Read the rest