Feeling similar to your mentor may be more important than shared demography when it comes to strong mentoring relationships

Hernandez, P. R., Estrada, M., Woodcock, A., & Schultz, P. W. (2017). Protégé perceptions of high mentorship quality depend on shared values more than on demographic match. The Journal of Experimental Education, 85(3), 450–468.

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New study on STEM research mentors’ engagement in race/ethnicity issues

Butz, A. R., Spencer, K., Thayer-hart, N., Cabrera, I. E., & Byars-winston, A. (2018). Mentors’ Motivation to Address Race/ethnicity in Research Mentoring Relationships. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. doi:10.1037 /dhe0000096

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Mark Freedman: Need STEM Teachers? Look to Older Adults

 WSJ Retirement Expert Marc Freedoms discusses how the U.S. should follow the lead of the U.K. in recruiting older adults to start second careers as teachers. From the Wall Street Journal

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New research highlights role of STEM making in addressing equity in historically marginalized communities

Calabrese Barton, A., & Tan, E. (2017). FABLEARN 2017 Proceedings. In Proceedings of FABLEARN Conference 2017, Stanford, USA, 4 pages.

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Mentoring key piece of the puzzle in reducing STEM attrition

Written by Charlie Wood, the Christian Science Monitor

As a freshman, Stephanie Mula found the University of Massachusetts’s engineering program “overwhelming.” A first-generation college student, she wasn’t sure what to expect, how to get the most out of her classes, … Read the rest

Want to get the most from a college internship? Add a mentor.

training-409584_1280David Orenstein, Brown University

College students who do summer research often say it was time well spent, but a new study offers hard data on exactly which components and experiences proved valuable and how.

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Hey Scientist, Who Are You Mentoring this Summer?

a group of scientists working at the laboratory ** Note: Shallow depth of fieldBy Shari Werb (From the Smithsonian)

The director of education at the National Museum of Natural History delivers a clarion call to all scientists: Be a Mentor. Raise Up the Next Generation. Stand outside paleontologist Gene Hunt’s office this … Read the rest

Let’s build partnerships to improve evidence uptake

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 2.20.52 PMPost by Vivian Tseng, Vice President, Programs at the William T. Grant Foundation.  Follow her on Twitter @VivianT88. From Psychology Today.

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Mary Fernandez, President of MentorNet, kicks off new mentoring radio

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.40.26 AMIf you’ve enjoyed reading Vince Reardon’s Pocket Mentor entries, then you might want to try his new radio show, “Mentoring Today with Vince Reardon,” a weekly, 30-minute radio program offering listeners guest interviews about mentoring youth. All shows will be Read the rest

2015 New Mexico Mentoring Conference: Call for Proposals

momtom&baloon.web_22015 Mentoring Conference: Call for Proposals

The Mentoring Institute at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is now seeking proposals for the 2015 mentoring conference: New Perspectives in Mentoring: A Quest for Leadership Excellence & Innovation.  The 8th annual conference Read the rest