Profiles in Mentoring

Here you’ll find our conversations with researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in the field of mentoring. They share the wealth of knowledge that they possess with us and we share it with you. Click on any interview to hear a new perspective on mentoring.

Implementing program practices contributes to stronger youth mentoring relationships: Insights from Dr. Thomas E. Keller

A recent study led by mentoring researcher Dr. Thomas E. Keller suggests that implementing program practices contributes to stronger youth mentoring relationships. Megyn Jasman talked with Dr. Keller to learn more about these findings and direct implications for youth mentoring programs. Q: The mentor-staff working alliance appears to play a critical role in explaining the […]

Dr. Amy Anderson’s provides insights on cultural humility development in adults serving as mentors for youth

Dr. Amy Anderson’s new study provides insights on cultural humility development for adults serving as mentors for youth. Megyn Jasman recently had the opportunity to ask Dr. Anderson about her findings, recommendations for researchers exploring cultural humility in mentoring relationships, as well as implications for formal youth mentoring programs. Q: In your findings, you mentioned […]

Dr. Anita Caduff sheds light on immigrant students and mentoring

Dr. Anita Caduff is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California San Diego and former middle school teacher whose research focuses on the understanding of the transformative power of social relationships, particularly for immigrant-origin students. In this interview with Assistant Editor, Saniya Soni, she shares insights into her most recent study, shedding light on […]

Dr. Allison Cloth Introduces Needs-Based Mentoring Approach for Schools

Dr. Allison Cloth is an Assistant Professor of School and Applied Child Psychology at The University of British Columbia. She and her colleagues recently introduced a theoretical framework, the Needs-Based Mentoring (NBM) approach for school-based mentoring programs in order to address the limitations of these current mentoring practices. In this interview, Dr. Cloth discusses those […]

Profiles in Mentoring: A Conversation with Rising Star Dr. Grace Gowdy

Dr. Grace Gowdy is an Assistant Professor of Social Work in North Carolina A&T’s Social Work and Sociology department and currently works on multiple studies examining traditional and nontraditional mentoring relationships. Our Assistant Editor, Saniya Soni, spoke with Dr. Gowdy about her recent study on understanding of the distinctions between core and capital relationships. Saniya: […]

At the Heart of Mentorship, a Q&A with Dr. Hilary Dutton

Dr. Hilary Dutton is a Pākehā/Māori (Ngāti Tūwharetoa) youth development researcher at the University of Canterbury. Her research focuses on the relational processes that contribute to developing high quality mentoring relationships, particularly self-disclosure. In 2021 she was awarded a Rutherford Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship to undertake a two-year project exploring youth perspectives on disclosure in youth-adult […]

Headshots of Savannah Simpson and Dr. Elizabeth Raposa

Racial Discourse in Youth Mentoring Programs: A Conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Raposa and Savannah Simpson

Dr. Raposa is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Fordham University, whose research involves two related sets of questions designed to promote positive psychosocial and academic outcomes in stress-exposed youth. In one line of work, she examines the mechanisms that explain the negative impact of stressful life events on adolescents and young adults, and the […]

Professional headshot of Atefeh Kiadarbandsari

Enabling mentors to support mentee cognitive emotion regulation: Q+A with Dr. Atefeh Kiadarbandsari

The Power of Identity: An Interview with Doctoral Candidate Yesenia Garcia-Murillo

Doctoral Candidate and researcher in community psychology, Yesenia Garcia-Murillo, recently published a study on natural mentoring among college students of color and considerations for their ethnic-racial identity and psychological well-being. Our Assistant Director, Megyn Jasman, sat down with Yesenia to discuss the findings and recommendations for supporting students of color. Megyn: It’s fascinating to see […]

Photo courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin

A Nobel Prize Winner’s Life of Mentoring

Photo courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin Editor’s note: It is my honor to share Dr. Mary Rowe’s new essay about Nobel Laureate, John Goodenough. Dr. Rowe is an Adjunct Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She served for almost 42 years as an organizational ombuds […]