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Five key takeaways from a comprehensive new meta-analysis of youth mentoring

By Jean Rhodes (excerpted and summarized from publication)

Along with our colleagues, we recently released a comprehensive meta-analysis of youth mentoring: Raposa, E. B., Rhodes, J., Stams, G.J., Card, N., Burton, S., Schwartz, S., Sykes, L.Y., Kanchewa, S., Kupersmidt, J., … Read the rest

“There’s an App for that!”: How technology-delivered interventions could revolutionize mentoring

by Jean Rhodes

In an influential chapter, mentoring researchers Timothy Cavell and Chris Elledge (2014) argued that the field of youth mentoring needs to move from the common “relationship as intervention” model (i.e., the friendship model where the primary goal Read the rest

Two logical fallacies that mislead the field of mentoring

by Jean Rhodes

“A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important issue. It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences towards a false conclusion. ” Wikipedia… Read the rest

“If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at one I will”: Why statistics are no match for a good story

by Jean Rhodes

In an interesting study (Kogut & Ritov, 2005), people were asked to donate money to help a poor seven-year-old girl from Mali named Rokia. Many were so moved by her story that they gave generously. But when … Read the rest

The many invisible forces: Why mentoring “best practices” are sometimes not enough

by Jean E. Rhodes

My resolution for 2019 is to finally complete and submit my new book, tentatively titled “Rethinking Mentoring.” One thing I discuss is in the book is that, despite careful screening and interviewing, evidence-based training and case … Read the rest

The 5 most popular Chronicle posts of 2018

by Jean Rhodes

Thanks for helping to make 2018 another banner year for Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring! In case you missed them, here are five of the most frequently viewed posts of 2018.

  1. The most viewed post this year was

Read the rest

Search and you shall find!: (Re)discovering a treasure-trove of articles and stories


by Jean Rhodes

Since 2012, the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring has featured summaries of peer-reviewed journal articles, mentoring news, practice innovations, conversations with experts, and more. Although you might not always have time to read the Chronicle when it … Read the rest

How cognitive biases shape our beliefs about mentoring

by Jean Rhodes

When we hear the word  “bias,” we instinctively think of such things as racial prejudice or slanted news coverage, but our brains are actually remarkably susceptible to all sorts of cognitive biases (Yagoda, 2018). Indeed, cognitive Read the rest

Two new studies highlight the need for more targeted mentoring

by Jean Rhodes

Doctoral student, Alejandro Vázquez, and his faculty mentor, Professor Miguel Villodas had a hunch. They suspected that caregivers were seeking out volunteer mentoring programs as an alternative to traditional mental health services. Villodas, a clinical psychologist, had Read the rest

The loudest signal in the noise: Acknowledging a remarkably consistent finding in youth mentoring

Jean Rhodes

In case you missed it, a very impressive, very comprehensive report on the effects of mentoring program enhancements was released recently (Jarjoura, Tanyu, Janet Forbush, Herrera, &  Keller, 2018). With funding from OJJDP, the team collected multiple waves Read the rest