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The surprising role of hobbies in boosting youth mental health: Implications for mentoring

By Jean Rhodes A 2020 Young People’s Mental Health Report compiled by Mental Health America, sheds light onto the pressing mental health challenges faced by youth and young adults in the United States and the need to equip young people with the necessary tools and support to address mental health issues. Rates of mental health […]


“The mental-health crisis has changed academia forever.” Five ways peer mentors can help.

By Jean Rhodes It is clear by now that the mental-health crisis has changed academia forever: its structures, its culture and the function it is expected to perform in American society. More than half of American college students now report depression, anxiety or seriously considering suicide. This is a problem that reaches across geography, race, […]

Mentors can be just as effective as professionals: Here’s how

By Jean Rhodes Decades of research have shown that, with the right training and support, mentors and other paraprofessionals (defined by Durlak as “non-expert, minimally trained community volunteers, students, and helpers”) can deliver interventions just as effectively as professionals—if not more so—in ways that could help to bridge the substantial gaps in care and support. […]

A conversation (and important announcement) about mentoring and mental health

by Jean Rhodes A growing number of youth who are referred to mentoring programs are struggling with mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, aggression, or attention difficulties. Mentoring programs have an important role to play in addressing this growing crisis. Under the right conditions, formal mentoring programs, can shift toward being a […]

The five most popular Chronicle posts of 2023

by Jean Rhodes This past year has been marked by climate disasters, painful geopolitical events, the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring has covered these topics through the lens of mentoring and has continued to provide opinions, profiles, and summaries of peer-reviewed research. We want to thank our […]

The Strength of Vulnerability: Surprising New Insights into Building Strong Mentoring Relationships

By Jean Rhodes In a year in which words like ‘AI’ and ‘hallucinate’ dominated the public discourse, Merriam-Webster’s 2023 word of the year ‘authentic’  really resonated. This choice underscored both the enduring importance of genuine human connection and the value of authenticity in mentoring. In a recent study of helping relationships, perceived therapist genuineness was […]

Want to Improve Mentoring Outcomes? Try These Two Ideas.

By Jean Rhodes In a recent publication, Sam McQuillin and colleagues discuss two concepts that should become household words in mentoring: task-shifting and Just-in-Time Training (JITT). Together, they could help bridge the gap between the demand for and supply of effective mental health and educational services, especially in low-resource communities. Neither are new concepts. In […]

Taking stock of 22 years of mentoring research through 22 seminal studies

By Jean Rhodes Citation: Hagler, M. A., Jones, K. V., Anderson, A. J., McQuillin, S. D., Weiler, L. M., & Sánchez, B. (2023). Striving for safety, impact, and equity: A critical consideration of AJCP publications on formal youth mentoring programs. American Journal of Community Psychology, 1–13.https://doi.org/10.1002/ajcp.12702 In an excellent new empirical review published in the […]

The hidden cost of student debt: Fewer opportunities for mentoring

By Jean Rhodes, Tyler Hull, and Karthik Kristnan After a three-year pause, nearly 44 million federal student loan borrowers will soon be required to resume their monthly payments. Although much of the debate around student debt has centered on its sheer magnitude ($1.7 trillion), our new study sheds light on another, perhaps even more concerning […]

In it together: Why a sense of “shared reality” is vital in mentoring

By Jean Rhodes “If you have ever been to an award ceremony, then you know the drill” observes psychologist Abdo Elnakouri and his colleagues, “Awardees dutifully list off those who helped them along the way: mentors, family, friends, and perhaps a surprisingly crucial acquaintance or two. Without them, the crowd is told, success would not […]