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Special announcement: New certificate course on therapeutic mentoring.

                                                        Join us for this 16-hour course that features one of the nation’s pioneers in Therapeutic Mentoring, Josephine Cardona, as well as a range of mental health/mentoring experts […]

Now more than ever: Best practices for working with immigrant youth

by Jean Rhodes Editor’s note: Mentors who are working with the many immigrant children in our country are, no doubt, concerned about the immigration-related policies of the former administration, including its the anti-immigration rhetoric and hate incidents/speech of recent months. Although President Biden is seeking to reverse many of the measures, and restore DACA, the policies […]

Giving psychology away: The promise of paraprofessional mentors

by Jean Rhodes More than fifty years ago, community psychologist George Albee (and my mentor) pointed to the wide and unbridgeable gaps between the small number of highly trained mental health professionals and the vast number of people who need care and support. He called for new models in which psychologists and other helping professionals […]

The five most popular Chronicle posts of 2020

by Jean Rhodes Well, 2020 was not the year we anticipated. From the killing of George Floyd to the wildfires that rampaged California, to a particularly bitter political campaign that continues to divide us with baseless claims of voter fraud, and a global pandemic, 2020 will go down as one of the most difficult years […]

Three ways that mentoring programs will be forever changed by COVID-19

By Jean Rhodes The end of the pandemic may be on the horizon, but its impact on mentoring program practices will be felt well into the future. Sadly, many relationships were disrupted just when youth needed them most. The loss of face-to-face contact was particularly painful as youth struggled with the isolation and anxiety.  A […]

Quaranteened! Helping Adolescents Cope with Boredom during COVID-19

As we head into the holidays and face additional shutdowns and school closing, many children and adolescents are struggling with boredom and isolation. In this article (excerpted below), adolescent experts Elizabeth Weybright, Ph.D., Linda Caldwell, Ph.D., Erica Doering, M.S., experts in adolescence, describe what parents, mentors, and other caring adults can do to help. “Almost […]

Teaching youth to fish: New meta-analysis highlights the value of “youth-initiated” mentoring

By Jean Rhodes Like so many other valuable resources, well-connected natural mentors, such as caring teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors, are unequally distributed—and those neighborhoods and schools that are already rich in natural mentors are only getting richer. The social fabric is stretched particularly thin in low-income urban communities, where young people are far less […]

What election-related issues matter most to young people? New national survey has some answers

By Jean Rhodes With less than a week to go before the general election, mentors and other caring adults are finding new opportunities to discuss the important  issues that shape our society affect our nation’s youth. To inform such conversations, the MyVoice Team at the University of Michigan recently released the results of a national […]

Mentoring during election season: Some advice from researchers

by Jean Rhodes “Democracy is not the business of government.  Democracy is the power of people to author their lives, to decide together what kind of society they want to live in. And young people should have a voice in that discussion.” Constance Flannagan Mentors are often instructed to avoid discussing politics. Yet with social […]

Four strategies for improving the field of youth mentoring

by Jean Rhodes Youth mentoring programs sit at the nexus of treatment and prevention science, offering both the structure for creating helping relationships and the apparatus for scaling them to many youth. Thus, they are exceptionally well-positioned to benefit from the lessons and innovations from both fields. Treatment science provides the rationale and resources for […]