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How to “Do” Critical Mentoring: Making your Program More Culturally Relevant

by Torie Weiston, Ph.D. Weighty events taking place all over our nation have prompted the mentoring world to begin looking closely at how to make our work more relevant for communities of color. Many are looking for ways to address gaps in mentoring practice. Many realize that existing practice often lacks the critical foundation required […]

MENTOR and NPSS release quality standards for mentoring programs

By and reprinted from MENTOR The National Partnership for Student Success (NPSS) recently announced the release of its Voluntary Quality Standards, a set of standards designed for use by schools, districts, state education agencies, youth-serving organizations, foundations, community groups, and others to better understand essential components of quality, set goals as part of existing or […]

FORUM: What is your most effective mentor recruitment message?

Mentoring programs are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they recruit mentors and the messages they use to get volunteers to take the plunge and formally apply to be a mentor. Large national organizations might hire leading advertising firms to carefully craft their recruitment messages, but even the smallest local programs can come up with a […]

Get Your Program Listed in the Mentoring Connector to Recruit Mentor

 From mentoring.org MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) is excited to launch the Mentoring Connector, a new and improved tool for mentoring programs and potential volunteers to find each other using a zip code searchable database. MENTOR’s original Volunteer Referral Service (VRS) will transition over to the Mentoring Connector this spring. The Mentoring Connector will […]

Program Corner: Using Technology to Improve Mentor Recruitment

In this post, I have asked Katy White, who is a consultant with Dare Mighty Things (www.daremightythings.com), to share her insights on how technology can assist program managers in recruiting mentors.  Katy is steeped in mentoring knowledge from years of providing training and technical assistance to mentoring programs across the country.  With Caregiver’s Choice, a […]