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Mentor in the loop–Is there a role for AI in mentoring relationships?

By Jean Rhodes In recent years, my colleagues and I have been exploring how web and mobile platforms can enhance mentoring programs—–not replacing face-to-face connections, but enabling efficient between meeting communication and collaboration. Such platforms also allow mentors and programs to share resources, deliver personalized feedback, and track mentees’ progress.  They are also extremely well […]

Motivational interviewing: What is it and how can it improve mentoring?

By Jean Rhodes In a recent review, Hart, McQuillin, et al. (2023) explored how teaching motivational interviewing to school-based paraprofessionals can help bridge gaps in mental health services. This has direct relevance for mentoring programs and is becoming an increasingly popular strategy. But what exactly is motivational interviewing? What is motivational interviewing? We all know […]

Should mentors be compensated? Two experts weigh in

Professor Timothy Cavell is the  Director of the Center for Research on Aggression and Victimization (CRAV). Primarily, CRAV’s researchers are interested in the development of effective interventions for school age children that may be on their way to having problems as they grow. Sometimes it makes sense to compensate mentors Do you think that mentors […]

New study explores White mentors’ beliefs about racial/ethnic discrimination

Editor’s note: Connecting with one child through a mentoring program can illuminate the pernicious effects of racial/ethnic discrimination, potentially mobilizing more sustained authentic action. Mentors’ negative stereotypes of disenfranchised groups are challenged by the many sources of strength in minority families neighborhoods. In other words, through proximity, mentoring helps challenge dominant narratives and make us, […]

Peer mentoring programs have enormous potential….but there’s a catch

By Jean Rhodes In a recent meta-analysis, my colleagues and I found that the effect size for cross‐age peer mentoring was more than double that observed in previous meta‐analyses of intergenerational mentoring. We concluded that “cross‐age peer mentoring can offer feasible and efficient opportunities to have older peers mentor youth with the potential for mutual […]

Who was your favorite mentor? Survey sheds light on youth’s “most meaningful” mentors

By Jean Rhodes Although many young people have had multiple and even concurrent mentors there is often one mentor who stands out from all the rest. In MENTOR’s impressive recent survey of childhood mentoring experiences (N = 2,639), authors Michael Garringer & Chelsea Benning describe this mentor as “the one that we first think of […]

Room for improvement: New study suggests that the majority of kids don’t respond to depression treatment

Cuijpers, et al. (2023) The effects of psychological treatments of depression in children and adolescents on response, reliable change, and deterioration: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (2023) 32:177–192 https://doi.org/10.1007/s00787-021-01884-6 The Study Researchers conducted such  meta-analysis to examine children and adolescents’ response to of psychological treatments of depression , including clinically significant […]

Who gets mentored? Reflections on a new national survey

By Jean Rhodes MENTOR: National Mentoring Partnership recently released the results of an impressive new survey of the childhood mentoring experience of 2,639 adults. It’s a long report– 63 page, 7 Table, 44 figures–so I thought I’d provide a summary and analysis. This is by no means comprehensive. The focus is largely on the prevalence […]

New findings from the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring

By Jean Rhodes For the past decade, my students, colleagues, and I have hosted a workshop at the National Mentoring Summit to report the latest research findings from the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring. Since we’re doing something different this year (more below), we thought it might be helpful to share some of the highlights of […]