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Guest editorial: Race talk in youth mentoring relationships

By So Jung Lee, Bernadette Sánchez, Carla Herrera, Lidia Monjaras-Gaytan, David L. Dubois, & Amy J. Anderson An important part of growing up in the U.S. as adolescents of color is the verbal and nonverbal messages they receive about their race/ethnicity. This is called, “ethnic-racial socialization.” These messages are typically communicated by parents to their […]

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you anxious: How white mentors’ attitudes affect relationships

Simpson, S. B., Hsu, T., & Raposa, E. B. (2023). Trajectories and impact of White mentors’ beliefs about racial and ethnic discrimination in a formal youth mentoring program. American Journal of Community Psychology, 71(3-4), 465-479. A recent study by Simpson et al. (2023) provides important insights into how White mentors’ beliefs about racial and ethnic […]

All you need is “deep level” similarity: Predictors of quality mentoring matches

By Jean Rhodes Conventional wisdom has long emphasized the importance of matching mentors and mentees based on surface-level characteristics like gender, race, and ethnicity. The assumption has been that sharing these demographic similarities would lead to more comfort, understanding, and ultimately, higher quality mentoring. Yet a growing body of research is challenging this view and […]

Psychologists call for a paradigm shift in mental health: Implications for mentoring programs

In a recent article in American Psychologist, Dodge et al. (2024) present a call to action for transforming mental health research  and practice to focus on population-level impact. The authors argue convincingly that the field must move beyond its traditional individual-level focus to become accountable for improving mental health outcomes across entire populations. This commentary […]

APA releases important guidelines on race and ethnicity in psychology: Implications for mentoring

In 2019, the American Psychological Association (APA) published comprehensive guidelines on addressing issues of race and ethnicity in all areas of psychological practice (APA Task Force on Race and Ethnicity Guidelines in Psychology). This seminal report provides an extensive review of theoretical and empirical literature to inform psychologists on promoting racial and ethnocultural responsiveness and […]

New study explores how mentors can help mentees explore their identity

Peifer, J. S., Lawrence, E. C., Williams, J. L., & Leyton-Armakan, J. (2016). The culture of mentoring: Ethnocultural empathy and ethnic identity in mentoring for minority girls. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 22(3), 440-6. https://doi.org/10.1037/cdp0000078 Introduction Many mentoring programs involve cross-cultural matches between majority mentors and minority mentees. Although many researchers and practitioners have […]

MENTOR announces the 2024 national corporate mentoring honor roll

Press Release BOSTON – MENTOR, the unifying champion for the youth mentoring movement, has released the 2024 National Corporate Mentoring Honor Roll. This list recognizes American corporations offering substantial mentoring opportunities to spur young people’s holistic growth. Launched in partnership with First Lady Michelle Obama in 2011, the Honor Roll first challenged companies to support […]

Gen Z has less access to mentoring resources

Alia Wong USA TODAY If it weren’t for his mentor, Kevin Villanueva, 19, says he may not have overcome all the necessary hurdles to getting into the prestigious business college of his dreams. His mentor, Cal Mullan, entered his life at just the right time in 2019 – on the eve of the pandemic – […]