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Three research-based recommendations for improving youth and mentors’ engagement in programs

by Jean Rhodes Youth can’t benefit from mentoring programs they (or their mentors) don’t attend, and poor attendance is a common problem in many programs. One factor that may discourage attendance is the threat of violence and crime. In this important new study, researchers studied this issue and make valuable suggestions for how to increase […]

Share Your Experience and I’ll Lend You My Ear: Study Shows how Older Adults Benefit from Mentoring

Summarized Jean Rhodes The rewards that mentors receive are rarely considered in stories on mentoring. Instead, the process tends to be conveyed in terms of the adult selflessly giving to the mentee in a selfless, one-sided relationship. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that the mentor gets relatively little from the relationship. In […]

Why Don’t We Teach Ph.D.s to Be Mentors? Adding mentoring skills to doctoral training is a key to graduate-education reform.

By Maria LaMonaca Wisdom From Chronicle of Higher Education SEPTEMBER 21, 202 Since January, I’ve spent hours on Zoom fielding questions from doctoral students and postdocs about mentoring and mentors. They’ve been asking questions like: “Can you sever a relationship with a mentor without burning bridges?” “How important is ‘chemistry’ in a mentor-mentee relationship?” “What’s […]

When Teachers and School Counselors Become Informal Mentors, Students Thrive

By Madeline Will, Education Week For years, the research has been clear: Teacher-student relationships matter. And now, a new working paper shines more light on just how important these relationships can be for students’ academic success. Some students form deep connections with their teachers, counselors, or athletic coaches, who are often the adults they see most […]

“There’s an App for that!”: How technology-delivered interventions could revolutionize mentoring

by Jean Rhodes In an influential chapter, mentoring researchers Timothy Cavell and Chris Elledge (2014) argued that the field of youth mentoring needs to move from the common “relationship as intervention” model (i.e., the friendship model where the primary goal is form a close bond) to a “relationship as a context for intervention” model. In this latter […]

The road ahead: Task shifting, stepped care, and paraprofessional mentoring

by Jean Rhodes As millions of children and adolescents cope with COVID-related loss, disruption, and social isolation, the demand for mental health services, including those provided by psychologists, counselors, and social workers, are expected to vastly exceed the supply. Even before the pandemic, less than a third of children and adolescents who needed mental health […]

Should mentors discuss COVID-19 vaccines with their mentees? It’s complicated.

by Jean Rhodes The CDC recently provided valuable guidance on how to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine, including listening with empathy and asking open-ended questions. Likewise, last week, an NPR Health News report answered teens’ most pressing questions about the vaccine. These are useful resources, as teens tend to rely heavily on social media and can […]

Youth-initiated mentoring: A scalable approach to addressing mental health problems

Viewpoint (Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry, Published online April 28, 2021. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2021.0490) By Levi van Dam,  Jean Rhodes, and Renée Spencer, Although adolescents have lower COVID-19 infection rates compared with adults, the pandemic is taking a toll on young people’s mental health. There have been multiple reports of increases in […]

The top 25 mentoring movies of all time!

By Jennifer Merrill, MENTOR Marketing & Communications Manager Yoda and Luke Skywalker. Coach Bombay and the Mighty Ducks. Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter. When you think of mentors in pop culture, the stories are endless, building on a common thread of how important a mentor’s role is in relation to an individual’s personal journey. In […]