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2024 Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring

The 15th annual Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring will be held in-person at Portland State University July 22-25, 2024. The upcoming Summer Institute will address the intentional focus of activities within the mentoring relationship. Sessions with leading scholars will explore how the choice of activities is influenced by needs, goals, and attitudes at the participant […]

Trauma Informed Youth Development & Mentoring

Join MENTOR Maryland/DC for a virtual training session centered on Trauma-Informed Youth Development and Mentoring. Delve into understanding the nature of trauma, explore what it means to be ‘trauma-informed’, and learn practical approaches for fostering trauma-informed relationships with youth. This session will provide comprehensive answers to key questions, shedding light on the roles and responsibilities […]

Implementing program practices contributes to stronger youth mentoring relationships: Insights from Dr. Thomas E. Keller

A recent study led by mentoring researcher Dr. Thomas E. Keller suggests that implementing program practices contributes to stronger youth mentoring relationships. Megyn Jasman talked with Dr. Keller to learn more about these findings and direct implications for youth mentoring programs. Q: The mentor-staff working alliance appears to play a critical role in explaining the […]

A new study shows that connectedness is a protective factor against declining mental health

Villodas, M. L., Gibbs, D., Blank Wilson, A., & Munson, M. R. (2023). The relationship between connectedness and mental health symptoms among Black youth involved in the juvenile justice system: a random-intercept cross-lagged panel model. Social Work in Mental Health, 21(5), 455–474. https://doi.org/10.1080/15332985.2023.2178269 Reprinted from George Mason University. By Mary Cunningham “A new study from Assistant […]

New Toolkit: Measuring Benefits of Mentoring for Mentors and Others Outside the Mentoring Relationship

Reprinted from National Mentoring Resource Center Measurement Guidance Toolkit The National Mentoring Resource Center’s Measurement Guidance Toolkit provides recommended instruments for measuring key youth outcomes in mentoring programs as well as several risk and protective factors that may be relevant to program outcomes. Using These Instruments in Your Program While this Toolkit can help your mentoring program […]

Dr. Amy Anderson’s provides insights on cultural humility development in adults serving as mentors for youth

Dr. Amy Anderson’s new study provides insights on cultural humility development for adults serving as mentors for youth. Megyn Jasman recently had the opportunity to ask Dr. Anderson about her findings, recommendations for researchers exploring cultural humility in mentoring relationships, as well as implications for formal youth mentoring programs. Q: In your findings, you mentioned […]

Latest funding opportunities for mentoring programs

The OJJDP has unveiled a series of grants specifically tailored to fortify youth mentoring programs. Among these, the 2024 National Mentoring Programs grant, the 2024 Opioid Affected Youth Initiative grant, and the 2024 Second Chance Act Youth Reentry Program grant stand out as pivotal opportunities for those in the vanguard of youth mentorship. OJJDP FY24 […]

New study explores mentoring in LGBTQ foster youth

Paul, J. C., & Cruys, C. (2024). “We should be treated like we are somebody”: Building supportive relationships with LGBTQ foster youth. Family Relations. https://doi.org/10.1111/fare.13020 Summarized by Megyn Jasman  Introduction: This study explored the experiences and mentoring relationships of LGTBQ foster youth. In particular, it studied how youth’s disclosure of their sexual orientation and gender […]