Mentoring in the News

MENTOR launches North Carolina affiliate to expand youth mentoring and drive equity through relationships

Research and experience show the power of mentoring to build bridges, break down “otherness” and create lasting, meaningful relationships. Yet one in three young people grow up without a mentor outside their family to help them develop, access opportunities, and … Read the rest

After-school program teaches immigrant children and parents

Stell Simonton, Youth Today

Two hours after the school day ended, three parents sat in the nearly empty cafeteria at Norton Park Elementary School in a suburb north of Atlanta.

They looked toward a screen several sentences were projected … Read the rest

5 Successful Women Share Their Best Advice for Finding a Mentor

By Jessica Thiefels, Glassdoor

For many women, the key to success is mentorship. Finding a mentor can be valuable for every professional woman, especially those working in male-dominated industries. A study on female peer mentorship in college found that “women … Read the rest

Mentors for all

By Chris Palmer, American Psychological Association

In the spring of 2013, Mei Chen was seeking advice on applying to graduate school. She wrote emails to a handful of professors asking for guidance but got no response. A few weeks later, … Read the rest

A mentoring initiative that strives to support the whole child

By Nury Crawford, Gwinnett County Public Schools

National Mentoring Resource Center

Gwinnett County Public Schools’ Community-Based Mentoring Program in Gwinnett County, Georgia plays an important role in our school district’s efforts to support students. In 2008, our CEO/Superintendent created the … Read the rest

DOJ Updates: 2019 Fiscal Year Performance Budget

The DOJ 2019 Fiscal Year Performance Budget is released. While there is an overall 2.1% increase in DOJ funding, there is a 11.9% cut to NIJ’s budget. This demonstrated a redistribution of funding, moving away from research to more direct … Read the rest

Want to leave a legacy? Be a mentor

By Jane Brody, New York Times

Encouraged by a grandfatherly professor at Cornell, in my sophomore year I gave a speech asking my fellow students “when you come to the end of your days, will you be able to write

Read the rest

Student-to-student mentoring: Experienced students help junior colleagues succeed in grad school

By Christopher Munsey, American Psychological Association 

Back in November 2001, A. Janet Tomiyama joined a health psychology laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She took a job as an administrative assistant because she wanted to apply for … Read the rest

Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Project Spotlight: 4-H Mentoring

A Spotlight on The Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Project (MEDP)

National Mentoring Resource Center

This blog post is part of a brief series MENTOR has put together highlighting the work of grantees of Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Project (MEDP) funded by the … Read the rest

Iconic fashion brand AnnTaylor Retail, Inc. partners with Vital Voices to mentor young women

By Tatiana Pile,

For young women aspiring to become leaders in their communities, mentorship can be vital aspect to their success.

Currently, only 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women — but AnnTaylor Retail, Inc. and Vital VoicesRead the rest