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Foster care youth speak: We need career mentoring!

Hudson, A. (2015). Career mentoring needs of youths in foster care: Voices for change. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 26, 131-137. Background Once young adults age out of the foster care system they are more likely than their non-fostered peers to experience homelessness, poverty, incarceration, and a variety of mental health issues. According […]

How The Barber, And Other Caring Adults, Help Kids Succeed

Anya Kamenetz, nprED In a working-class city in southeast Michigan there’s a barbershop where kids get a $2 discount for reading a book aloud to their barber. “Any help these kids can get with reading and … comprehension is a big thing,” said Ryan Griffin, the veteran barber who instituted the program. “You know, maybe someday […]

Mentoring Then and Now

Melvin Simensky, Co-Chair The New York County Lawyers’ Association When mentoring was first used in a legal context, it described two main circumstances which also prevail today. One is the establishment of an amicable relationship between a senior attorney and young people such as high-schoolers interested in later pursuing a legal career. The second main use […]

Teens 3x More Likely To Get Addicted To Painkillers

Sarina Gleason Michigan State University Younger teenagers are at higher risk of becoming dependent on prescription drugs within a year of when they began using them for non-medical reasons, a new study suggests. The findings are based on a nationally representative sample of 12- to 21-year-olds taken each year between 2002 and 2013. Out of […]

Please join us!: Short Course on the Elements of Effective Practice

Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring Short Course Enhancing the Elements: Applying the EEP4 to Diverse Programs and Populations The sixth annual National Mentoring Summit will take place January 27-29, 2016, at the Renaissance Washington, D.C. Downtown and will explore the theme of “Connection | Growth | Opportunity”. With the release of the 4th Edition of MENTOR”s […]

When a mentor does more harm than good

Janet Murray, The Guardian A new study argues that those volunteering to help young people should always be trained and qualified When Helen fell pregnant at 15, her life was turned upside down. While her friends were out clubbing, she was stuck at home with a baby. She began to feel isolated and depressed. So […]

For At-Risk Kids, Mentors Provide Far More Than Just Homework Help

Jennifer Ludden Correspondent, National Desk, NPR When West Baltimore’s Renaissance Academy High School hired four African-American mentors earlier this year, student Jalone Carroll wanted nothing to do with them. He figured they would come “mess everything up, and then dip,” or disappear. “We didn’t know how to take that type, you feel me,” says Carroll. […]

#FOMO Leads To Depression And Anxiety In Teen Social Media Users

By Alyssa Navarro, Tech Times A report revealed that most teenagers today suffer from the fear of missing out or FOMO which is generated when they use social media. Experts from the Australian Psychological Society found FOMO elevates anxiety levels of teenagers and may contribute to depression. The findings, released [pdf] in the 2015 National Stress and […]