Cultivating connections: New study explores how social capital advances educational and career pathways

by Jean Rhodes We all know that social capital (i.e., the resources embedded in your social networks and relationships) is critical to educational and career success. And, in their new report, the Education Strategy Group (ESG) describes the current landscape of social capital development in education-to-workforce pathways across the United States. The report highlights the […]

Youth Mental Health Corps Launches Nationwide Program to Support Youth Well-being

New Initiative Deploys Young Adult “Navigators” to Schools and Community Organizations Amidst an alarming rise in youth mental health challenges, a new nationwide program aims to provide critical support directly in schools and communities. The Youth Mental Health Corps is deploying teams of specially-trained young adults to serve as “mental health navigators” for youth across […]

Mentor in the loop–Is there a role for AI in mentoring relationships?

By Jean Rhodes In recent years, my colleagues and I have been exploring how web and mobile platforms can enhance mentoring programs—–not replacing face-to-face connections, but enabling efficient between meeting communication and collaboration. Such platforms also allow mentors and programs to share resources, deliver personalized feedback, and track mentees’ progress.  They are also extremely well […]

The student success dividend: Colleges that double down on their students will thrive in the long-term

BY CHRIS REBER AND ANEESH SOHONI OCTOBER 11, 2023   PRINT. TOPICS:Commentary New federal data suggest that hunger and homelessness among college students are more widespread than previously believed. As many as 4 million college students are wrestling with food insecurity — a factor associated with lower graduation rates — and 1.5 million might have tenuous housing situations. […]

How Mentoring Can Shift from “Beating the Odds” to Changing the Odds

By Jean Rhodes In an important new Annual Review of Clinical Psychology article, UVA Professor Noelle Hurd, describes how mentors can help ethnically marginalized youth can derive positive developmental outcomes while also working with their mentees to create a more just and equitable society. As Hurd notes, much of the theorizing and research on natural […]

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Teaching college students networking skills is an equity imperative

Teaching college students networking skills is an equity imperative Inspiring college students to cultivate relationships with a networking curriculum can boost career confidence and level the playing field. 12 min read By Julia Freeland Fisher 09/29/23 Analysis Education Caiaimage/Sam Edwards/Getty Images The data is clear: College students want networks. According to a Gallup College Alumni poll, when asked […]

Youth civic engagement can help uphold democracy…and mentors can help.

By Elan C. Hope (Brennan Center post) Civic engagement is a key indicator of adulthood. Young adults respond to the social and political issues of the day in a variety of ways. After the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in 2020, young people demonstrated against racial injustice in more than 10,000 peaceful […]

The top 30 mentoring movies of all time

By Jean Rhodes To mark its 25th anniversary back in 2015, MENTOR: National Mentoring Partnership compiled the top 25 mentoring movies of all time. Since then, 5 additional movies that touch on themes of mentorship make the list. These include: “Soul” (2020) – This animated film from Pixar delves into mentorship through the story of […]

How to “Do” Critical Mentoring: Making your Program More Culturally Relevant

by Torie Weiston, Ph.D. Weighty events taking place all over our nation have prompted the mentoring world to begin looking closely at how to make our work more relevant for communities of color. Many are looking for ways to address gaps in mentoring practice. Many realize that existing practice often lacks the critical foundation required […]

Should mentors be compensated? Two experts weigh in

Professor Timothy Cavell is the  Director of the Center for Research on Aggression and Victimization (CRAV). Primarily, CRAV’s researchers are interested in the development of effective interventions for school age children that may be on their way to having problems as they grow. Sometimes it makes sense to compensate mentors Do you think that mentors […]