Join the new International Network of Mentoring Researchers

by Òscar Prieto-Flores

Last year, in the European Mentoring Summit held in Berlin, a group of mentoring scholars agreed on creating an online space for mutual collaboration. The idea was not to only develop an e-mail list but also an online platform where we could discover like-minded resarchers, share and discuss resources, announcements conferences (including the upcoming Short Course in the Netherlands (10/19) and International Mentoring Summit in Barcelona 3/20) and publications connected to mentoring.

Sometime after these agreements, Jean Rhodes and I thought it would be great to make this platform at an international level. With the growing number of researchers beyond the United States and the expansion of mentoring programs in many contexts it is time to connect  deepen our understanding of each other’s work so that we can contribute in improving the lives of children, youth and people at risk of social exclusion.

In this regard, we started to work on a platform that has recently launched. We are pleased to present the International Mentoring Research Network

This is your opportunity to connect with researchers around the globe.

Significant advances in the field can be made through cross-cultural and -disciplinary collaborations. Through this platform, you are free to submit announcements and also to make contributions to the forum if you wish. Another interesting feature this platform facilitates is that you are able to see all registered researchers’ bios and information on what they are doing for future cooperation or interest.

So, please feel free to join, be in touch and collaborate!