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Reflections on Research Podcast Series

New Research Sponsored by OJJDP The Reflections on Research podcast offers practitioners, policymakers, and leaders in youth mentoring a fun and accessible way to learn about the latest research and reflect on the practical applications of new research to their work. Listeners will hear directly from the research community in a conversational space as leading […]

Mentoring relationships as a context for service delivery: What do you think?

by Michael Garringer Psychotherapy researchers have long argued about how direct and goal-oriented the therapist should be.  There are some who believe that, if a strong relationship is forged between the therapist and client, a “corrective experience” leading to a cascade of good outcomes will eventually emerge. Others believe that the practice of therapy works […]

FORUM: What is your most effective mentor recruitment message?

Mentoring programs are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they recruit mentors and the messages they use to get volunteers to take the plunge and formally apply to be a mentor. Large national organizations might hire leading advertising firms to carefully craft their recruitment messages, but even the smallest local programs can come up with a […]

Profiles in Mentoring: A conversation with MENTOR’s Michael Garringer on his work translating research into practice

Written by Jelle de Graaf and Vera van den Berg Michael Garringer is the Director of Knowledge Management for The National Mentoring Partnership, MENTOR. Michael has played a vital role in the development of youth mentoring program supports for many years. One of the crucial roles Michael has within this field is the translation of […]

National Mentoring Resource Center: Mentoring for youth with mental health challenges

Written by Michael Garringer The National Mentoring Resource Center is happy to announce the release of another entry in our series of evidence reviews on mentoring specific populations of youth. We recently posted Mentoring for Youth with Mental Health Challenges, authored by Dr. Michelle Munson and her colleague James Railey at New York University. Dr. […]

Mentoring For Youth With Backgrounds Of Involvement In Commercial Sex Activity

Group Review Board David DuBois, Ph.D., Chair and Jennifer K. Felner (University of Illinois at Chicago) National Mentoring Resource Center This review examines research on mentoring for youth with backgrounds of involvement (or high-risk for involvement) in commercial sex activity (YCSA). The review is organized around four questions: What is the documented effectiveness of mentoring […]

Mentoring for Children of Incarcerated Parents – National Mentoring Resource Center Review

Group Review Board G. Roger Jarjoura, Ph.D. (American Institutes for Research) National Mentoring Resource Center This review examines research on mentoring for children of incarcerated parents. The review is organized around four questions:  (1) What is the demonstrated effectiveness of mentoring for children of incarcerated parents? (2) What factors condition or shape the effectiveness of mentoring for […]

Group Mentoring Model Shows “Promise and Potential” – National Mentoring Resource Center Review

Group Review Board Gabriel Kuperminc, Ph.D. (Georgia State University) National Mentoring Resource Center This review examines the research evidence for mentoring programs that use a group format, in which one or more mentors is matched with a group of youth for a shared mentoring experience. This review addresses four topics related to group mentoring for […]