Reflections on Research Podcast Series

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The Reflections on Research podcast offers practitioners, policymakers, and leaders in youth mentoring a fun and accessible way to learn about the latest research and reflect on the practical applications of new research to their work. Listeners will hear directly from the research community in a conversational space as leading scholars discuss their findings and the implications of their work. Each interview breaks down one or more studies (often OJJDP funded) and will help anyone in the mentoring field understand the key details and main takeaways from complex research projects.

Season Two

  • Episode 1 – Gabe Kuperminc

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To kick off season 2, NMRC Research Board Co-Chair Gabe Kuperminc joins us to talk about a major new study he recently completed of a large school-based group mentoring program for middle school youth. Dr. Kuperminc reviews the history and potential of group mentoring, details major findings from this important study, discusses the importance of group dynamics in moderating outcomes, and offers a wealth of advice and food for thought for anyone running a group mentoring program for children or adolescents. (54 min.)

Season One

  • Episode 1 – Dr. David DuBois and Dr. Carla Herrera

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    David and Carla break down the findings from one of the most important studies in mentoring in years: the long-term follow up with the mentees, now adults, from the original 1995 landmark study of Big Brothers Big Sisters. (63 min.)

  • Episode 2 – Dr. Edward Latessa

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    We discuss key findings from his team’s study of mentoring services for youth on parole and probation in Ohio and learn about how the youth mentoring field aligns, and sometimes doesn’t, with the broader research on what prevents criminality and recidivism. (54 min.)

  • Episode 3 – Dr. Nancy Deutsch

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    Nancy joins us to break down several studies of the Young Women Leaders Program, an innovative blend of group and one-on-one mentoring, including recent findings that indicate lasting impacts for girls on key outcomes. (56 min.)

  • Episode 4 – Dr. Jennifer Blakeslee and Dr. Tom Keller

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    In this episode, Jennifer and Tom discuss the My Life program, which uses self-determination principles within a mentoring context to produce meaningful (and long-term) positive outcomes for youth aging out of the foster care system. (52 min.)

  • Episode 5 – Dr. Tom Keller and Dr. Renee Spencer

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    Two leading scholars in the mentoring field join us to discuss their new Study to Analyze Relationships (STAR), which offers great insights into the interpersonal dynamics of mentoring matches, gaps in match closure procedures, and the practices that may prevent early match termination. We end with a great discussion about the gap between the expectations and reality of the experience of mentoring a child.

  • Episode 6. Dr. Janis Kupersmidt, Dr. Rebecca Stelter, and Dr. Katie Stump (coming soon)

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    The team from Innovation, Research, & Training sits down to discuss a number of recent studies examining the program practices that influence the longevity of matches and prevent harmful early closures, including those that are particularly important when working with vulnerable populations of youth.