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Sandra LaFleur: Talking politics can help stretch minds.

Sandra Louk LaFleur is Associate Vice President, Research, Evaluation, & Innovation for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America You make very salient points about the importance of engaging our youth, especially our young adults, around topics that could easily be considered as “too touchy” for most. What we need to do is step forward and help […]

Stella Kanchewa, M.A., Clinical Psychology, UMass Boston

I believe that the emerging practice of matching female mentors with male mentees is a positive trend. It allows programs to accomplish their fundamental goal of providing youth with non-parental relationships who can serve as additional supports towards positive growth. In a recent study (Kanchewa, Schwartz, & Rhodes, under review), we drew on secondary data […]

Connect to Mentoring Resource

Looking for mentoring resources and training? Contact your State Mentoring Partnership. State Partnerships are at the core of mentoring’s infrastructure is a growing network of Mentoring Partnerships that MENTOR has helped to build and support. Mentoring Partnerships serve a unique role as a clearinghouse for information and resources, providing the critical link between MENTOR’s national efforts […]

Mentoring Central

Mentoring Central is the first evidence-based training tool for volunteers. Developed by Janis Kupermidt and her team of researchers at iRT and Jean Rhodes, this web-based product enables follow the EEP with fidelity. Click here to visit Mentoring Central.

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, Third Edition

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, Third Edition MENTOR’s keystone publication on mentoring standards has been recently updated and released to include the latest research and practice wisdom available to help mentoring relationships thrive and endure. The Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, Third Edition, was sponsored through a generous grant from The MetLife Foundation and, […]

Digital media and mentoring

http://clrn.dmlhub.net/ Re-imagining learning for the 21st century Although many parents and educators have misgivings about the new generation’s immersion in digital media and social networking, these tools can be harnessed in news ways that build knowledge, connect young people to their interests and passions, and provide new pathways to learning. So, rather than squelch and […]

Academic Web Pages

Academic Web Pages is the leading provider of customized websites for researchers, centers, nonprofits, and universities. AWP designed and has contributed generously to the creation of the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring.