Recommended Podcast: Brooklyn Raney Explains How to Build Strong Connections & Healthy Boundaries with Young People

Brooklyn L. Raney

Jun 7, 2022

One Trusted Adult: How to Build Strong Connections & Healthy Boundaries with Young People


In a world facing more shootings, suicides, substance abuse, and sexual violence than ever before, there is more that we can do as educators, as parents, and as adults committed to leaving this world better than we found it. Research shows that just one trusted adult can have a profound effect on a child’s life, influencing that young person toward positive growth, greater engagement in school and community activities, better overall health, and prevention of risky and threatening behaviors. From educators to piano teachers, camp counselors to aunts and uncles, and athletic coaches to babysitters, every adult who encounters a young person holds the privilege of shaping that child’s life—and also the significant responsibility. With news headlines dominated by stories of abuse in schools, camps, and churches, those of us who guide or mentor adolescents must understand how to build trust with young people while simultaneously establishing boundaries that keep the relationship healthy.

Packed with real-life stories and invaluable tips, One Trusted Adult: How to Build Strong Connections & Healthy Boundaries with Young People inspires all adults to build strong connections, embrace sustainable career practices, break the silence around boundary violations and abuse, be present for the young people in their lives—and, in doing so, ensure that the young people in their care are growing into their greatest potential.

Brooklyn Raney is an experienced teacher, coach, and administrator who has spent the last decade working in independent schools. She is the founder and director of the Girls’ Leadership Camp, a group that hosts a one-week summer camp for middle school girls, as well as one-day boosts and leadership conferences. She is also a co-founder of Generation Change, a nonprofit that seeks to embolden youth to be empathic and compassionate change makers through cross-generational mentorship. Brooklyn is a workshop facilitator, speaker, and consultant for schools, camps, and other youth-serving organizations nationally and internationally. You can find out more about her and her programs at

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