Position paper: Mentoring in Europe: Towards and inclusive society, connecting cultures and generations


Reprinted from Mentoring Europe

The first ever mentoring event in the European Parliament is now a fact. It was a momentous occasion as European decision makers and the European mentoring field came together to take the first steps in giving mentoring the official recognition that it deserves.

The event Mentoring in Europe: building a society of engagement to reduce social inequalities connected the European mentoring field and the members of the European Parliament, Commission and Council. During this event, a position paper prepared by Mentoring Europe and the advocacy committee was presented to the European Policy makers and members from the European mentoring field.

The support and guidance of (young) people of different ages in Europe, and the sustainable development of professionals needs a broader approach, going beyond institutions, structures and sectors. Mentoring answers this need, being a personal, powerful and customized intervention.

Bearing this in mind, mentoring practitioners and researchers bring the following recommendations to EU authorities and to member states. In consequence, mentoring as an intervention can reach its full potential in the European and national context.

The position paper can be found here.


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