Michael Garringer

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.38.00 PMWe are delighted to welcome Mike Garringer to the editorial board of the Chronicle of Evidence-based Mentoring. Michael serves as the Director of Knowledge Management for MENTOR, overseeing projects related to the intersection of mentoring research and program practice, as well as data collection and evaluation that can highlight the prevalence and impact of mentoring around the country. His role also supports the practitioner insights and resource collections of the National Mentoring Resource Center. Mike has worked in the youth mentoring and education fields for over 17 years, primarily on training and technical assistance projects serving federally- or state-funded mentoring programs. He has authored many guidebooks and program tools on youth mentoring in school and community settings and has contributed to leading research-to-practice events such as the Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring and the annual conferences of many Mentoring Partnerships. His column for the Chronicle will detail the efforts of MENTOR and others to help practitioners draw on research-based information in improving their services and program outcomes.

 Check out Garringer’s contributions here.