Mentoring for youth and YA during reentry from confinement: A review of the research

Written by Justin Preston

As part of an ongoing series, MENTOR’s National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) asks prominent researchers to extensively review the existing literature in a specific area of mentoring in order to draw conclusions on what works and implications for mentoring practice.

This time, we are going to highlight NMRC’s research review of literature on providing mentoring for youth and young adults reentering society after confinement by the criminal justice system.

Conducted by J. Mark Eddy (Partners for our Children, University of Washington) and Jean Schumer (Oregon State University), the review provides a detailed overview on what the current body of research has to say on the topic, as well as the factors that may influence the effect of mentoring on youth and young adults coming out of the justice system after incarceration.

To read more on this topic and download a copy of the report, click here.