Mentoring expert, Lindsey Weiler, talks about the importance of identifying blindspots in youth mentoring

Experts’ Corner: Mentoring in the era of COVID-19

From the ‘Mentoring in the era of COVID-19: Nine experts in the field weigh in article by Justin Preston and Monica Arkin

Dr. Lindsey Weiler, Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota says that his has been improving over the course of recent years “In the past few years, there has been greater attention paid to identifying the blind spots present in youth mentoring (e.g., identifying who is left out and how, checking our assumptions about what constitutes a quality program, challenging biases about parents and caregivers). I think we have a ways to go in realizing our collective and individual blind spots that may be limiting youth mentoring research and practice, but I’m encouraged by the active steps taken by many in the field.”