Coping with fear and sadness during a pandemic

Woman with phone, worried about corona virus. As we’ve discussed repeatedly, the effects of the coronavirus seem to know no bounds, infiltrating every part of daily life. While the practical ramifications range from the loss of jobs, to the need for social distancing, travel limitations, and much more, the implications for the mental health of you and your loved ones are also substantial. From managing fear and anxiety about the risk of getting the virus, to the grief of loss, it’s critical to have all the tools you might need to persevere available.

Researchers at the Hofstra University Clinal PhD program lead by William C. Sanderson have put together a self-help guide informed by science that applies specifically to the global pandemic. You can find a link to this resource below. It’s organized into modules about how to manage fear, worries, anxiety, depression, and mood management, in addition to providing links to more COVID related articles. We hope this tool gives you a little more peace of mind in what has become a singularly difficult time in many peoples’ lives.

To access the resource, please click here.

For a direct link to the PDF, click here.