Boys & Girls Clubs Of America And National CARES Mentoring Movement Rally Together To Provide Hope For Youth In Crisis

Featured Article by Boys and Girls Clubs of America

The National CARES Mentoring Movement and Boys & Girls Clubs of America recently announced their collaboration to make resources and support more accessible for youth and adolescents who are disproportionately struggling from the pandemic. 

For the first phase of their partnership, both organizations are planning to work together to do the following things: 1) increase the volume of supportive staff who are aware of the intersections of race, culture, and trauma; and 2) provide support for the implementations of male programming for 6 different Boys and Girls Club locations across the country. 

They hope to integrate National CARE’s healing-centered and culturally anchored approaches onto Boys & Girls Clubs of America in order to promote racial equity and trauma-informed organizational development 

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