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Triumphs and Trials in Formal Youth Mentoring: Unpacking Findings From AJCP Research

Reference: Hagler, M. A., Jones, K. V., Anderson, A. J., McQuillin, S. D., Weiler, L. M., & Sánchez, B. (2023). Striving for safety, impact, and equity: A critical consideration of AJCP publications on formal youth mentoring programs. American Journal of Community Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1002/ajcp.12702 Summarized By: Ariel Ervin About the Study Over the past thirty years, […]

Empowering Native STEM Scholars: The Role of Culture and Quality in Mentorship

Reference: Estrada, M., Young, G., Flores, L., Hernandez, P. R., Hosoda, K. K., & DeerInWater, K. (2022). Culture and quality matter in building effective mentorship relationships with native STEM scholars. BioScience, 72(10), 999-1006. Summarized by: Ellen Parry Luff About the Study The underrepresentation of Native people in academia in the United States is a concerning […]

The Holistic Approach of Needs-Based Mentoring in Schools

Reference: Cloth, A. H., Trach, J., & Cannon, J. E. (2023). Needs-Based Mentoring in Schools: A Holistic Approach for Working with Youth at-Risk. Child & Youth Services, 1-24. Summarized by: Ellen Parry Luff About the Study While traditional school-based mentoring (SBM) programs typically involve community volunteers dedicating an hour per week to mentor assigned students, […]

How Immigrant Generation and Mentors Shape Educational Success

  Reference: Caduff, A., Dehingia, N., & Raj, A. (2023). The role of immigrant generation and mentors in educational attainment. AERA Open. https://doi.org/10.1177/23328584231190380 Summarized By: Ariel Ervin About the Study Although many immigrant-origin students are optimistic and have aspirations for the future, they still experience challenges (e.g., xenophobia, racism, and discrimination) often associated with psychological […]

Dr. Anita Caduff sheds light on immigrant students and mentoring

Dr. Anita Caduff is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California San Diego and former middle school teacher whose research focuses on the understanding of the transformative power of social relationships, particularly for immigrant-origin students. In this interview with Assistant Editor, Saniya Soni, she shares insights into her most recent study, shedding light on […]

Can mentors guide digital mental health intervention users?: Systematic review has answers

Reference: Leung, C., Pei, J., Hudec, K., Shams, F., Munthali, R., & Vigo, D. (2022). The effects of nonclinician guidance on effectiveness and process outcomes in digital mental health interventions: systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 24(6), e36004. Summarized By: Jordan Cherry About the Study Digital mental health interventions (DMHIs) are becoming […]

Study explores how the transition to online mentoring and learning affected vulnerable college students

Reference: Gobec, C., Turnbull, M., & Rillotta, F. (2022). Lessons learnt from transitioning to online mentoring and learning at university during COVID-19 for adults with intellectual disability. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities, 26(4), 869-884. Summarized by: Ellen Parry Luff About the Study The transformative period of COVID-19 highlighted the increasing role of technology in daily life. […]

Dr. Allison Cloth Introduces Needs-Based Mentoring Approach for Schools

Dr. Allison Cloth is an Assistant Professor of School and Applied Child Psychology at The University of British Columbia. She and her colleagues recently introduced a theoretical framework, the Needs-Based Mentoring (NBM) approach for school-based mentoring programs in order to address the limitations of these current mentoring practices. In this interview, Dr. Cloth discusses those […]

Mentoring experiences for First Nations young people: A scoping review

Reference: McMahon, M., Chisholm, M., Yenara, A., Garling, T., Vogels, W., van Vuuren, J., & Modderman, C. (2023). Transformational mentoring experiences for First Nations young people: A scoping review. Australian Social Work, 76(3), 379–392. https://doi.org/10.1080/0312407X.2023.2193166  Summarized By: Ariel Ervin About the Study Evidence highlights the essential role history and a sense of identity have in […]