What color is your mentoring program? New paper specifies the many ways they can differ.

From the abstract of paper by Phillip Dawson (2015)

“More than three decades of mentoring research has yet to converge on a unifying definition of mentoring; this is unsurprising given the diversity of relationships classified as mentoring. This article advances beyond a definition toward a common framework for specifying mentoring models. Sixteen design elements were identified from the literature and tested through specification of two different mentoring models from higher education contexts. This framework provides researchers and practitioners with a detailed yet concise method of communicating exactly what they mean when using the word mentoring; it may also act as a useful set of prompts for educators designing new mentoring interventions.”

In this article, the author defines 16 design elements, which programs may converge or differ. Jean Rhodes has the liberty of creating a visual representation of these elements. Can you place your program on each of these design elements. All programs may share a common interest in creating and supporting caring relationships, but when you see the many ways they can differ on these elements, it’s little wonder that we can’t find a shared definition!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.13.58 PM


Read the article: http://edr.sagepub.com/content/43/3/137.full.pdf+html?ijkey=eBssrhs8UXUtE&keytype=ref&siteid=spedr