[Webinar] Youth Mentoring in the 21st Century

WHEN: September 14, 2020 at 11am (EST)

WHERE: Webinar

Youth Mentoring in the 21st Century

  • How might youth mentoring shift in order to enhance effectiveness?
  • How can Canadian youth mentoring programs focus on what young people need?
  • How can youth mentoring programs integrate evidence-based practices enhancing the social, emotional, and intellectual skills of young people?
  • How can mentoring programs better adapt to respond to the diverse backgrounds of mentees, the psychological effects of poverty and trauma on children, and increasingly hard limits to upward mobility in an unequal world?

Dr. Jean Rhodes has spent her career researching youth mentoring, her latest book “Older and Wiser: New Ideas for Youth Mentoring in the 21st Century” explores her learning journey and further examines the impact and role mentoring can play in the lives of youth. Throughout her book she explores evidence-based approaches that can create meaningful change in young people’s lives. She also recommends encouraging “organic” mentorship opportunities—in schools, youth sports leagues, and community organizations.

Join us for an interactive conversation and Q&A with Dr. Jean Rhodes and the mentoring community in Canada. This event is hosted by the Canadian Mentoring Partnership and the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research

Her new book is available for purchase on August 18th with a discount 20% and Free Shipping. While reading the book is not required to participate in this event, we invite you to review her research in advance via this presentation to better understand her criticisms and provide informed questions to her critiques

Read Dr. Jean Rhodes’ full biography here.

About the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research

Created in 2020, the Canadian Centre for Mentoring Research is an initiative of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, the Canadian Mentoring Partnership, and the University of Alberta. The Centre’s mission is to advance knowledge about youth mentoring in Canada by generating and supporting rigorous and innovative research. The Centre also works to connect research to practice in an effort to enhance the quality and effectiveness of youth mentoring in Canada.

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