Responding to disclosures of sexual violence as a mentor

A resource from National Mentoring Resource Center

This guide from NMRC reviews the “SEEK” strategy that mentors can employ if their mentee discloses information to them about past sexual trauma they have experienced. SEEK stands for Safe space, Empowering attitude, Empathetic response, and Knowledge about sexual assault. The guide reviews each of these steps, and how the mentor can address each of them to ensure the sensitive and effective handling of this critical information and support their mentee in connecting with key supports. Please note that while this resource offers important guidelines and insights for mentors who may be faced with a mentee’s disclosure of sexual trauma, it should not take the place of the support and involvement of a trained professional who can more appropriately respond to a young person’s needs. Mentoring programs should only advise mentors to discuss topics like sexual trauma insofar as mentors have been trained to do so.


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