Resources for mentors around race, inclusion, and cultural respect

By MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

Americans are increasingly battling to dismantle racism and systemic oppression, and our young people are on the front lines fighting for their lives to matter. Mentors are uniquely poised to support youth during this time, but have to enter into relationships with humility, including self-awareness, discovery, and understanding of one’s own context toward bridging differences, cultivating understanding, and sharing power.

Mentors may feel ill-equipped to engage in affirming and supportive relationships with youth, especially as they reflect on the ways in which their own privileges and experiences help or hinder their mentoring relationships with youth of color, and Black youth in particular. MENTOR has compiled our key resources that seek to help mentoring programs and mentors better show up for and with young people. Check some of them out below, and find the rest here.

If you would like to request that MENTOR provide specific training, webinars, or tools on how to talk to mentees about racial inequity, systemic racism, and speaking to the wounds of trauma, please let us know. Contact Minnie Chen with any suggestions or questions you may have.

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