New review of E-mentoring research from NMRC

Written by Justin Preston

Just last month, the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) released a review of the latest research on electronic mentoring, or e-mentoring. The report, written by Michelle Kaufman of Johns Hopkins University, is organized around four distinct questions related to e-mentoring:

  1. What is the documented effectiveness of this approach to mentoring?
  2. What factors shape the effectiveness of e-mentoring among youth?
  3. What are the intervening processes (mediators) that are most important in linking e-mentoring to youth outcomes?
  4. To what extent have e-mentoring programs reached and sustained the engagement of intended youth, been implemented with high quality, and been adopted and sustained by organizations and settings?

Insights and recommendations, drawn by Mike Garringer of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Parthernship, are also provided for practitioners and programs at the end of the report. The Chronicle has covered some of the potential implications of the increase of electronic communication in youth, such as the potential limits of e-mentoring for youth with significant needs, as well as how mentors could navigate the social media space in their mentoring relationships. We are excited to share this information in order to inform and supplement program and mentor repertoires.

Click here to access the PDF of the report.