National Mentoring Roundtable on Meaningful Engagement of Caregivers of Color

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Date: Sept. 8, 2021

Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM — Note: This is the updated meeting time

Please join us for a National Roundtable about the importance of meaningful and respectful engagement of caregivers of color in mentoring efforts, and effective practice approaches toward these goals! Join the growing network of programs who have embarked upon a journey of self-, program-, and field-wide learning and transformation. These are efforts that are moving from implicit bias to an explicit commitment to equity, from trends of “white-saviorism” to an approach of respectful collaboration, and from unwittingly fueling punitive pipelines to providing mentoring spaces that keep BIPOC families together and help them thrive.

This Roundtable seeks to deepen our field’s exploration of the ways in which mentee caregivers are essential to quality matches and to their children’s futures, and yet the ways in which mentoring programs along with other service systems often devalue, alienate, and exclude parents of color and of working-class backgrounds with regard to their children’s development and systems involvement. This event also represents the launch of a National Community of Practice to provide ongoing support to those interested in transforming mentoring programs, schools, and other service systems, by engaging families in a whole new way.

The session will be of interest to:·

–caregivers and youth, leaders, and practitioners of color who have a strong sense of what true partnership with caregivers might look like·

–mentoring practitioners at every phase of the journey in engagement of caregivers

–formal and informal mentors

–advocates for caregiver engagement in schools and other public systems

The session is hosted by CMP’s Racial Justice in Mentoring Workgroup, and is facilitated by:

Henry Roberts of (Peacemakers, Inc.; California Mentoring Partnership; NAACP California Parent Engagement in Education Chair)

–·Zelon Harrison, (Peacemakers, Inc., California Mentoring Partnership Racial Justice in Mentoring Workgroup)

Renée Spencer Ed.D., LICSW (Boston University School of Social Work)

Dustianne North, Ph.D., M.S.W. (California Mentoring Partnership, Mentor Management Systems, UC Berkeley School of Social Work)

Please feel free to share information about this meeting with your mentoring colleagues.  The more voices we can engage, the more robust our conversations will be. Everyone is welcome!

In solidarity, California Mentoring Partnership

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