Mentoring programs needed!

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 11.00.08 AMMarch 4, 2014: The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a $1.09 million research grant to Dr. Janis Kupersmidt, Senior Research Scientist, and Dr. Rebecca Stelter, Research Scientist, at innovation Research & Training, and Dr. Jean Rhodes, Professor and Director of the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, to develop and evaluate a web-based mentor training program. They are currently recruiting mentoring programs with pre-match mentors to participate in the evaluation and would like to include your program.

The award includes funds to provide the training program for free to 300 mentors, and to pay participating mentors to complete the training as well as questionnaires about themselves and their training experience. The training program was developed in alignment with MENTOR’s Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, Third Edition, which means it is based upon the most up-to-date research and best practices.

More information about the research project and training resources can be found at or through an e-mail to

Thank you!