It’s time to amplify mentoring: MENTOR launches new public awareness campaign

Reprinted from MENTOR

MENTOR, in partnership with American Student Assistance (ASA), launched a new public awareness campaign: Mentoring Amplifies! The campaign seeks to promote a positive narrative around mentoring, address the common barriers to becoming a mentor, and to emphasize the importance of relationships, particularly in this moment when loneliness is on the rise. The graphics, which showcase a diverse selection of real mentor and mentee matches, are intentionally colorful and dynamic, designed to represent the power and valuable impact of a mentoring relationship. This campaign was designed to resonate with the entire mentoring field and centers around four calls-to-action:

  • Become a Mentor
  • Donate to the Mentoring Field
  • Advocate for Mentoring
  • Share a Mentoring Story

How You Can Engage

The Mentoring Amplifies Campaign launched on January 4, intentionally coinciding with National Mentoring Month (NMM), a time of growth for the movement through public awareness, advocacy, and storytelling. When engaging during the month of January, be sure to keep these four important dates in mind:

  • I Am a Mentor Day (1/7)
  • International Mentoring Day (1/17)
  • Dr. MLK Jr. Day of Service (1/18)
  • Thank Your Mentor Day (1/29) 

To make this campaign accessible, MENTOR has created a Digital Engagement toolkit with sample social media messaging, ideas for engaging, and lots of exciting digital assets that can be used during National Mentoring Month and beyond.

In addition to all of the resources listed above, MENTOR has also been working on an exciting launch video for Mentoring Amplifies that follows a mentor and his mentee as they connect, learn from one another, and grow as individuals. The video utilizes the colorful graphics of the campaign and highlights the power of relationships. You can download it here.

We ask that you post these assets on social media and encourage you to engage with other Mentoring Amplifies content that you see posted throughout the year. Our hope is to create a strong mentoring community, so please tag MENTOR National and use the hashtag #MentoringAmplifies whenever posting content so that we can share it with our audiences and spread the conversation. We look forward to connecting with you during National Mentoring Month and beyond!


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