MENTOR celebrates Pride month

June is Pride Month, and MENTOR is celebrating #MENTORPride. Read their statement, and access Pride Month resources for mentors below.

June is Pride Month, which lifts up a movement built on fighting for equality and acceptance for all. That message is as timely as ever, as we stand against the tragedies and realities of systemic racism, police brutality, and injustice for Black people and communities of color. As we commemorate Pride, we must remember that Pride started with a protest. The Stonewall rebellion was a protest led by people of color that sought to defend the LGBTQ+ community from police brutality — which is so resonant today.

MENTOR’s commitment continues to be toward creating a movement that is inclusive of and supports all young people. We strive to help create an America where all young people can thrive through meaningful relationships – and that happens when they are safe and their lives are valued. We will continue to work to rewire inequitable systems that don’t serve all young people. Join us in lifting up LGBTQ+ youth, during Pride and everyday.”

Additionally, we’d like to provide further reading on the intersectional movement that is taking place nationally, remembering the importance of elevating all Black lives. You can read a piece here from Tiq Milan at NBC about the importance of freeing the Black trans community from discrimination. Across the country, large Pride Organizations (LA, NYC, Philly, Boston) are focusing on their intersectional roots, and seeking to elevate Black and Brown voices in this critical moment for the advancement of equality for all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Click here to access the resource.

Click here to see MENTOR’s statement on racial violence.