January 17th Webinar: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 3.39.56 PMJanuary Webinar

Looking Back, Looking Forward:
Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series

Thursday, January 17, 2013
10:00-11:15 AM Pacific/ 11:00-12:15 PM Mountain/
12:00-1:15 PM Central/1:00-2:15 PM Eastern

We did it! We successfully held 12 collaborative webinars in 2012, reaching hundreds of youth mentoring professionals and talking about important topic to the field. In this month’s webinar, we’ll take a look back at the 2012 series – including what worked, what didn’t work, what you liked best, and what we liked best – and get your feedback on what you’d like to see for the 2013 series.
Additionally, you’ll hear from us on what we think is required to provide quality training and technical assistance and how well we’ve done through our partnership with this project.

Panelists include two of the original founders of the Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series, as well as two who stepped in to replace their colleagues during the year and our new partner at MENTOR to talk about the 2012 series and a long-range vision of collaborative training for the field.

Michael Garringer from Education Northwest
Sarah Kremer from Friends for Youth’s Mentoring Institute
Polly Roach from the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota
Meghan Ferns from Oregon Mentors
Tammy Tai from MENTOR