FORUM: How can the mentoring field recruit more male mentors?

boy and manOn July 18, the Collaborative Mentoring Webinar series explored the topic of recruiting male mentors. This has been a critical issue for the mentoring field for years, and the webinar touched on some specific strategies that programs have used to increase the response from men in their community. There was a lot of discussion about how pro0grams can make men feel comfortable with the opportunity and strategies for making “the ask.” Unfortunately, there were a lot more questions than we had time for on the webinar, so we figured we’d keep the discussion going here!

We’d like to know what’s working for you around male mentor recruitment?  How has your program been able to recruit more men? What tips do you have to share? What questions do you still have about male recruitment? And just how important is it that the mentoring field solves this problem?

Feel free to ask questions, share strategies, and voice your opinions in the comment section below!