Fearing that underrepresented college students are being left behind during COVID pandemic, initiative launched to connect 100,000 students with mentors

Job-searching has become a particularly hard process for many college students due to coronavirus. Because of the current job market, where many existing job and internship offers have been canceled; the presence of college recruiters has been put on hold; and with remote learning in place, many students feel like they have fewer resources and opportunities

In this article, Melissa Hanson discusses ProMaze’s (a consulting firm that connects promising college students with corporate work teams) plans to launch a free app to match underrepresented college students (i.e. racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, first-generation, and veterans) with mentors, based on interests and backgrounds, in order to help mentees launch their own careers.

Adam Lies, director of talent at ProMazo, states that they’re aiming to connect 100,000 students with mentors through a free app and that the initiative will launch on October 27th. 

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