Please join us!: Short Course on the Elements of Effective Practice

Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring Short Course Enhancing the Elements: Applying the EEP4 to Diverse Programs and Populations The sixth annual National Mentoring Summit will take place January 27-29, 2016, at the Renaissance Washington, D.C. Downtown and will explore the theme of “Connection | Growth | Opportunity”. With the release of the 4th Edition of MENTOR”s […]

From therapy to mentoring: Study provides useful recommendations for reducing premature terminations

Swift, Joshua K.; Greenberg, Roger P.; Whipple, Jason L.; Kominiak, Nina (2012). Practice recommendations for reducing premature termination in therapy. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, Vol 43(4),  379-387. Abstract (from article) “Premature termination from therapy is a significant problem frequently encountered by practicing clinicians of all types. In fact, a recent meta-analytic review (J. K. Swift & […]

Shaquille O’Neil pays tribute to “the reason I have become the man I am”

To My brother’s keeper, Uncle Mike by Shaquille O’Neil There are some people that we are just meant to experience life with. When those people happen to be in your family, the world can seem a lot less scary. With these mentors in our corner, we are raised with the determination and confidence to realize […]

How does adolescence offer a second chance to vulnerable teenager

BY BENJAMIN PERKS As you read this, a teen somewhere is making a decision they may regret for the rest of their lives, one with high costs for their, their families and their communities. Joining a gang or a terrorist organization or committing a serious crime.Every teen everywhere faces a turbulent transition to adulthood: the […]

Let’s work together to truly bring mentoring relationships to scale

By Michael Garringer, MENTOR, Director of Knowledge Management The recent “Real Mentoring Gap” article summarized a lot of what MENTOR has been discussing, both internally and with key external partners, since The Mentoring Effect report was released. A few quick thoughts: – While the percentage of American youth who get their mentoring solely from a […]

Benefits of Mentoring? It’s a Two-Way Street

By Renée Spencer, Ed.D., LICSW We often talk about what mentoring offers to young people today – how it can promote their development and improve their academic, social and emotional functioning. Increasingly, there is interest in how mentoring can also benefit mentors. Marc Freedman, in his prescient book, The Kindness of Strangers, described mentoring as […]

The Value of Researcher-Practitioner Conversations

 by Michael Garringer I was thrilled to see that the Chronicle had posted an announcement about the 2015 Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring this week. We are really excited at MENTOR to be partnering with Portland State University and Dr. Tom Keller in putting on this event, which will focus this year on research and […]

10 LGBTQ Resources for Mentors

Editor’s Note: Recent research findings (e.g. Patrick Tolen’s 2013 meta-analysis) imply that mentors should be advocates for their mentees. In previous discussion of what advocacy means, Professor Renée Spencer suggests that one form of advocacy is a mentor leveraging his or her resources on behalf of their mentee. As we approach National Coming Out Day (NCOD) this […]

Sparks: An important ingredient in why active kids excel!

by Adar Ben-Eliyahu, Ph.D. (Appearing also in http://mag.activewearusa.com/active-kids-excel/) Research shows that when children are physically active, they get stronger mentally, emotionally and socially, and increase their likelihood for success in all aspects of their lives. Why should we invest in our children’s physical activities? Or what should we invest in? Other than the physical health aspect of […]

Mentoring Researchers: The Next Generation and An Award-Winning Hero

By Tim Cavell Last month I was in Washington, DC for the annual meeting of the Society for Prevention Research (SPR). This is a great conference for prevention-minded researchers and it’s a good fit for those seeking to advance the science that underlies youth mentoring. My graduate student, JT Craig, had organized a symposium entitled, […]