New posts in the iTunes “Mentoring U” podcast series

We are thrilled to announce the new Mentoring U audio podcast series. Now you can download episodes and learn about mentoring while you’re driving, cooking, etc.  Produced by award-winning radio host, Micheline Mann, the Chronicle’s podcast series was recently described by one listener as “like NPR for mentoring.” To get started, we have released 10 new podcasts for your enjoyment.  Open iTunes to download and subscribe to the  iTunes Mentoring U collections. In coming weeks, we will be posting podcasts from all of the members of the Chronicle’s editorial board.

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1. 5 Factors accounting for our field’s reluctance to embrace evidence

2. From supermarket tomatoes to Apples (importance of quality in mentoring)

3. Strengthening mentoring programs through service fellowships (Marty Martinez)

4. Ten youth-inspired changes to improve mentoring (Bernadette Sanchez)

5. Transitioning to adulthood

6. What is transference and why is it relevant to mentoring

7. Empathy: A critical ingredient in youth mentoring  (Renee Spencer)

8. An exquisite example of transference in mentoring

9. How to win friends and influence mentees

10. Slow ideas and the power of mentoring