Webinar: Strategies for Studying the Attunement and Cohesion of Mentoring Relationships

Strategies for Studying the Attunement and Cohesion of Mentoring Relationships

May 13, 2019
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

This webinar is part of the National Mentoring Resource Center’s ongoing series of learning opportunities for researchers and scholars who may be studying or evaluating mentoring relationships and programs. This webinar will discuss strategies for assessing the qualities of mentoring relationships, with a specific emphasis on the concept of “attunement” between mentors and youth mentees, as well as between staff and adult mentors. It will also examine measures of “group cohesion” and group dynamics for programs using a group mentoring model where multiple relationships are in play at once. Examples of these concepts and associated measures being used in real-world settings will also be discussed. This webinar will be valuable to any researcher, evaluator, or scholar looking for new ways of assessing the “magic” that happens between participants in a mentoring program.

The webinar will feature Dr. Julia Pryce discussing the concept of attunement in mentoring relationships, including why this concept is so important and how her work has attempted to measure this trait in real-life matches. it will also feature Dr. Gabe Kuperminc sharing his research on the important role that group dynamics play in group mentoring programs and how both the individual and collective experiences of the group shape outcomes. This event is the first in a two-part series intended to build the understanding of mentoring researchers, evaluators, and scholars so that they can learn interesting new concepts and methodologies that they can apply to their work. Scholars, students, and program leaders of all types are welcome

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