POLL: Vote on your favorite advice for new mentors

Vote on your favorite advice for new mentorsAt the beginning of February we posted a forum topic on the best piece of advice for new mentors. This wound up being our most commented on, and shared, post on the Chronicle to date! Thank you to the many individuals who contributed ideas as to what was most important for a mentor to remember as they headed into their new relationship.

I should note that all of the advice submitted was excellent—there is no single tip or strategy that will help mentors overcome the myriad challenges and opportunities that a mentoring relationship will throw at them. But I found myself wondering which of these pieces of advice resonated most with our readers. So I went ahead and created a simple poll that captures the major themes from your submissions.

Please vote for your favorite or the one that you think is most critical. And feel free to explain why in the comment section below. I’m guessing many of these tips are based on personal experience or from the work of your program, and we’d love to hear why you emphasize a particular concept in your mentor training or in your own mentoring relationships.

Which is your favorite tip for new mentors?

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