National Mentoring Day in the UK is October 27!

nationalmentoringday2-orgWritten by Jessica Cunningham, B.A. Lab Manager, Center of Evidence-Based Mentoring

National Mentoring Day in the United Kingdom is on October 27th and was founded by business mentor Chelsey Baker to help raise awareness of the benefits of both being mentored and the rewarding experience of mentoring others. The goals of the organization are threefold:

1) celebrating mentoring and inspiring people to become involved in mentoring, 2) to disseminate research and information highlighting why mentoring is important and beneficial to individuals, businesses, and teams, and 3) to offer resources and support to mentoring programs.

The organization seeks to encourage collaboration across different fields of mentoring including business, armed forces, communities, science & technology, government, sports, arts, schools and colleges, and emergency services, among others. By 2020, the organization hopes that each person in the U.K. will know how to access a mentor should they desire to have one. If you would like to get involved or plan your own National Mentoring Day activity or to learn more about this organization, you can visit their website here:

In the United States, National Mentoring Month is in January of each year; if you would like to find out more about this organization, you can visit their website here.