Literature Review: Decolonizing and Indigenizing Mentorship

Reprinted from Indspire & YouthREX

[Description Extracted from Youth REX. This report was originally published by Indspire.]

When discussing the processes of decolonization and Indigenization in a mentorship context, we are operating from the assumption that traditional structures of mentorship are rooted within a Eurocentric worldview that ignores and discredits Indigenous perspectives. The purpose of this literature review is to synthesize information on the topic of decolonizing and Indigenizing mentorship to understand:

  • Perceptions of mentorship within Indigenous communities;
  • Indigenous ways of relationship building;
  • Culturally-informed mentorship;
  • Best practices for good quality mentoring relationships;
  • Traditional structures of mentorship and why they are important.

This literature review will be used as a shared, living document that highlights best practices for decolonizing and Indigenizing mentorship.

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