Interested in aligning with the new EEPM? Participate in a study!

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 12.46.42 PMAre you involved in developing and supervising your mentoring program’s practices? Do you want to improve your practices?

Quality Improvement activities focus on how well mentoring programs are implementing the standards and best practices of the field, such as those included within the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring (EEPM) published by MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership.

innovation Research & Training is conducting two studies of their quality improvement web-based software and system, EQUIP.  The first study involves a one-time evaluation of EQUIP and lasts a maximum of two hours.  Programs participating in the second study will have the opportunity to complete a comprehensive Quality Improvement Evaluation using the EQUIP web-based software.

Your participation will help iRT to better understand users’ experiences with the EQUIP software  and consultation to allow for the development of a quality improvement process that is both user-friendly and helps youth-serving mentoring programs learn about and become better aligned with evidence-based practices.  Our goal is that this system will be a great benefit to many mentoring organizations, staff members, mentors, mentees, and families of mentees in the future.

If you are a staff person at a mentoring program who is engaged in or interested in the goals of this project and would like to learn more about participating in our study, please contact Kim Vuong (<>; 919-493-7700) or Dr. Katy Malley (<>; 919-493-7700) at innovation Research & Training for more information.