“The Person Who Changed My Life” Podcast series goes live!

The-Person-Who-Changed-My-LifeNew York, NY (Tuesday, June 9, 2015) – Mentoring USA and MENTOR/UMB: Center for Evidence Based Mentoring are pleased to announce a collaboration around the airing of podcasts about prominent people and their mentors. The podcasts draw from the entries of the critically acclaimed book, The Person Who Changed My Life, which was edited by Mrs. Matilda Raffa Cuomo, the former first Lady of New York, and founder of Mentoring USA twenty years ago. Among the contributors are Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joe Torre, Rosie O’Donnell, Nora Ephron, General Colin Powell, and many others.

“We are honored to share Mrs. Cuomo’s mentoring stories with the vast audience that not only listen to the Center’s podcasts but also the thousands of people who go to the Center’s Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring to learn and share best practices around mentoring.   We hope the many listeners will benefit from the reflections and wisdom of these influential and special people and the mentors who helped get them to where they are today,” stated Stephen Powell, Executive Director of Mentoring USA.

The mentoring podcasts are available through the Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring and MentoringU, an iTunes podcast series. The Chronicle and its podcasts are designed to teach listeners about the latest mentoring and youth development research.  The podcasts each run about 5-10 minutes and promise to entertain listeners with lively interviews, and inform them about mentoring-related news. Produced by award-winning radio host, Micheline Mann, the Chronicle’s podcast series was recently described by one listener as “like NPR for mentoring.”

“We are thrilled to add Mrs. Cuomo to our distinguished and high profile list of authors, speakers and notables. Mrs Cuomo is one of the great leaders of the youth mentoring movement and her book illustrates the power of mentoring.” said Rhodes