Best-in-class communications strategies

By and reprinted from the AXIOS HQ newsletter

Last week, 600+ professionals joined CEO Roy Schwartz as he caught up with two Axios HQ clients to learn more about the communications strategies helping them keep their staff and communities connected.

We’ve consolidated 3 key takeaways:

1. Establish what’s essential: Your audience wants what they need. Challenge yourself to include only the essential details and your communications will always be worthy of your audience’s time.

2. The newsletter is not dead: They enable you to consolidate key info in one place and are delivered via a channel everyone checks — email.

3. Yes, but format and consistency matter: Newsletters should be easy to scan and sent on a consistent cadence so your audience knows when to expect it and can plan time to dedicate to it.

Below are a few tools that can help you bring these best practices to life:

1. A formula for clearer comms

Six simple steps to help you apply Smart Brevity® — a writing formula — to your communications.

Get the checklist

2. Two details to always include

An easy framework to help you kick off and effectively position all of your communications.

Download the workbook 

  1.   Up, down, and around

This video breaks down the communications strategy that connects organizations at every level.

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