5 Steps for Building & Strengthening Students’ Networks

By Julia Freeland Fisher & Mahnaz Charania, PhD, Reprinted from the Christensen Institute 

What is this playbook and who is it for?

This playbook was developed by the Clayton Christensen Institute to help K–12 and postsecondary leadership and nonprofits that work with those institutions implement and adapt strategies, tools, and metrics that build and strengthen their students’ networks in support of their well-being and with the aim of expanding their postsecondary and career options. Although we offer tools and tactics that could be implemented in standalone programming or courses, we urge users to treat network-building as a system-wide goal, rather than a one-off effort reserved for only a few students.  

How to use this playbook

This playbook may be viewed by opening the PDF or navigating the links below. Each design step summarizes relevant research, strategies for translating the research into practice, and real-world examples of the design in practice. We recommend readers download the customizable plan and fill it out while going through each design step. This plan includes reflection questions to drive both design and measurement, as well as prompts to identify strategies to implement with colleagues and students.

To access the resource, please click here.