Young adults are being hit hard by the pandemic

By Kassandra Martinchek, Reprinted from Urban Institute Roughly one-quarter of adults believe they are financially worse off now than at the beginning of the pandemic. However, not all generations have experienced the COVID-19 economic recession equally. In March and April, nearly 60 percent of Gen Z adults reported they or their families experienced job-related losses, […]

Can apprenticeships help reduce youth unemployment?

By Clio Chang, Century Foundation Policy Issue Brief America has a lingering problem employing its youngest workers. In July 2015, the nationwide youth unemployment rate was at 12.2 percent, more than double the general unemployment rate of 5.3 percent.1 Even worse, the number of disconnected youth—those between ages 16 to 24 who are neither in […]

Growing interest in youth mentoring in India

India’s economic boom since liberalisation in the 1990s has brought new jobs, opportunities and money. A growing middle class and the opportunity for millions of poor youth to enter new industries has driven a government-led focus on skills training. Despite the investment, many trainees are dropping out of programmes or not accepting offers upon completion of […]