New research suggests how parental incarceration may affect youth health outcomes

Gifford, E. J., Eldred Kozecke, L., Golonka, M., Hill, S. N., Costello, E. J., Shanahan, L., & Copeland, W. E. (2019). Association of Parental Incarceration With Psychiatric and Functional Outcomes of Young Adults. JAMA Network Open, 2(8), e1910005. Summarized by Jeremy Astesano Notes of Interest: This longitudinal study followed children from rural North Carolina […]

FORUM: How is your mentoring program collaborating in the community?

One of the more interesting, and potentially impactful, trends in the social sector over the last few years has been the rise of “collective impact” efforts in hundreds of communities across the United States. While mentoring programs and others who work with youth and families to build resiliency and promote lifelong success have always collaborated […]

Interesting new video underscores role of relationships in youth development

NEW VIDEO Building Adult Capabilities to Improve Youth Outcomes: A theory of change. In this 5-minute video, a theory of change for improving outcomes for youth and their families is presented. This was developed by the Frontiers of Innovation community and underscores the importance of building the strengths of parents, teachers, and other caregivers and […]