Share Your Resources on Youth Initiated Mentoring

Levi van Dam, Sarah Schwartz, and Renee Spencer are writing a new book dedicated to youth-initiated mentoring (YIM). Based on the available research in this area, we summarize the insights of almost 20 years of work on this new approach. And they need your input: the book is supposed to support professionals with the insights […]

Promising findings in youth-initiated mentoring

Koper, N., Creemers, H. E., Branje, S., Stams, G. J., & van Dam, L. (2020). Effectiveness and working mechanisms of the InConnection approach in multi-problem families: Study protocol of a mixed-methods study. BMC Health Services Research, 20(692), Summarized by Harry Bayly Notes of Interest: Study focused on the effectiveness of the InConnection approach vs […]

New research on how youth-initiated mentoring can possibly redress problems faced by many mentoring programs.

Spencer, R., Gowdy, G., Drew, A. L., & Rhodes, J. E. (2018). “Who Knows Me the Best and Can Encourage Me the Most?”: Matching and Early Relationship Development in Youth-Initiated Mentoring Relationships with System-Involved Youth. Journal of Adolescent Research. doi:10.1177/0743558418755686 Summarized by Rachel Thompson Notes of Interest: This exploratory qualitative study showed that the YIM approach […]