Youth Initiated Mentoring: How it can reduce the use of out-of-home youth care

Dam, L., Neels, S., de Winter, M., Branje, S., Wijsbroek, S., Hutschemaekers, G., Dekker, A., Sekreve, A., Zwaanswijk, M., Wissink, I. & Stams, G.J. (2018). Youth initiated mentors: Do they offer an alternative for out-of-home placement in youth care? British Journal of Social Work, 0, 1-17. DOI: 10.1093/bjsw/bcx092 Summarized by Justin Preston   Introduction In […]

Profiles in Mentoring: A conversation with Levi van Dam

Written by Jelle de Graaf Levi van Dam is a child psychologist and developer of Youth initiated Mentoring (YIM) in the Netherlands. During his previous work in youth care, Levi has experience directly working with young people in residential homes that experienced multiple challenges like addiction and psychological disorders. Today Levi is working towards his […]

The future of mentoring: An infographic

by Jean Rhodes I recently worked with a talented team at the MacArthur Foundation Connected Learning Research Network to develop an infographic on youth mentoring (below). In essence, I argue that the number of Americans willing to serve as volunteer mentors has remained remarkably stable over the past decade — between 2 million and 2.5 million, or […]

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How The Barber, And Other Caring Adults, Help Kids Succeed

Anya Kamenetz, nprED In a working-class city in southeast Michigan there’s a barbershop where kids get a $2 discount for reading a book aloud to their barber. “Any help these kids can get with reading and … comprehension is a big thing,” said Ryan Griffin, the veteran barber who instituted the program. “You know, maybe someday […]

The critical ingredient of youth programs –natural mentors

Schwartz, S. E. O., Chan, C. S., Rhodes, J. E. & Scales, P. C. (2013). Community developmental assets and positive youth development: The role of natural mentors. Research in Human Development, 10(2), 141-162. Summarized by Jessica Cunningham, B.A. Lab Manager, Center of Evidence-Based Mentoring Introduction: Ironically enough, many people who would fit the definition of […]

Youth aging out of foster care may have a more difficult time forming bonds with adults due to their experiences, having a mentor may act as a protective factor against the negative outcomes typically associated with having been in foster care

Thompson, A. E., Greeson, J. K. P., & Brunsink, A. M. (2016). Natural mentoring among older youth in and aging out of foster care: A systematic review. Children and Youth Services Review, 61, 40-50. Summarized by Jessica Cunningham, B.A. Lab Manager, Center of Evidence-Based Mentoring Introduction: Typically when people think of foster care youth, the […]

A conversation with Renée Spencer

Editors note: We are thrilled to feature Professor Renée Spencer (RS), whose work has significantly advanced our understanding of the dynamics of adult-youth relationships. In this conversation, UMass Boston clinical student, Laura Yoviene (LY) talks to Renée about her work and inspirations.  LY: As the nation’s leading qualitative researcher in mentoring, what do you see as the […]

Using Youth-Initiated Mentoring in Your Program? We Want to Hear From You!

Is your mentoring program implementing Youth-Initiated Mentoring (YIM) (where youth nominate an adult from their existing social networks to serve as their mentors)?  If so, then would you be interested in participating in a new research project to help better understand what makes YIM programs effective? The Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring is partnering with iRT, a […]

Quality Mentoring Connections Are Linked to Improved Student Transition to College

Lenz, S. (2014). Mediating effects of relationships with mentors on college adjustment. Journal of College Counseling. Summarized by Jessica Cunningham, B.A., Research Associate, Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring Background: It is a known, albeit unfortunate, fact that a percentage of students enrolling in college will not complete their degrees. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Education has […]

Youth-Initiated Mentoring is a game changer for disconnected youth

DECEMBER 10, 2015 BY: DEBORAH NEARY & WHITNEY MASTIN, MIDLANDS MENTORING PARTNERSHIP, Originally published in NMRC Blog At Midlands Mentoring Partnership (MMP), our community-wide data indicates that a priority must be made to reach the most vulnerable youth with quality formal mentoring services. A prospective solution came in 2013 when promising research was released that showed […]