How positive staff relationship and support can encourage youth to be more active.

Riciputi, S., McDonough, M. H., Snyder, F. J., McDavid, M. L. (2019). Staff Support Promotes Engagement in a Physical Activity-Based Positive Youth Development Program for Youth From Low-Income Families. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology.

Summarized by Karina DeAndrade

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What youth-serving groups can learn by using frameworks from other fields

Rebecca Fabiano, Youth Today

I am known to borrow tips, tricks and tools from all kinds of sources. I rely on a multitude of frameworks from the field of youth development to support or further the work I do.… Read the rest

Campus coaches make crucial difference to foster youth in college

Katy Reckdahl, Youth Today

Liz Burns, 22, was in the middle of a crazy-busy time at college. But, for some reason, she couldn’t stop thinking about her older brother.

She texted him and got what she called “a scary” … Read the rest

How ‘grit’ takes a toll on black college students

By Joan Brasher

Researchers have documented that black college students draw on ‘grit’—mental toughness and perseverance—to achieve in predominantly white academic institutions. But a new Vanderbilt study says that notion fails to recognize an emerging mental health crisis for these … Read the rest

Youth anxiety: What to say when your mentee is anxious

silhouette-1082129_1280Written by Carey Wallace,

Today’s kids are more worried than any kids in recent history. According to some long-term surveys of mental-health literature, the average kid today is more anxious than people who were hospitalized for anxiety in Read the rest

Coping with stress? Start with a smile: How smiling promotes stress recovery

smile-1188654_1280From the Association for Psychological Science


Just grin and bear it! At some point, we have all probably heard or thought something like this when facing a tough situation. But is there any truth to this piece of advice? Feeling … Read the rest

New study highligts benefits of connecting with youth through technology

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.59.01 PMby Tim Shea, Charlottesville Tomorrow

While some family members and educators fear the potential dangers that can come with teens navigating the digital world, one researcher has found that the proliferation of personal devices in the hands of teens Read the rest